Robert Clifford Consulting is grounded upon the principle of credibility and personal experience. Robert Clifford Consulting offers a wide variety of comprehensive and informative training courses delivered in a dynamic and customized manner. Each course can be modified and adapted to fit the unique needs and interests of the client. Below are just some of the courses available. Specific training on related topics not listed below can be developed upon request.

Business and Corporations

  • Corporate and Economic Espionage
  • Information Elicitation and Countering Elicitation
  • The Insider Threat
  • Terrorism Awareness for Businesses
  • Foreign Country and Culture Seminars
  • Fraud Awareness

Law Enforcement, Government, and International

  • Investigative Techniques and Case Management
  • Interview Techniques and Skills
  • MS-13 and Violent Transnational Gangs
  • Terrorist Financing and Anti-Money Laundering
  • Human Trafficking
  • Task Force and Joint Agency Operations
  • Extra-territorial Investigations and International Cooperation
  • Civil Rights
  • White Supremacy and Domestic Terrorism
  • Corporate Fraud
  • Global Terrorism and Terrorist Groups
  • Rise of Islamic Terrorism in Europe
  • Latin American Terrorism
  • Al Shabab and US Counterterrorism in Africa
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